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Parks for Everyone: ULI Gets Behind the 10-Minute Walk Campaign

Parks are essential to the physical, social, environmental, and economic health of people and communities. Parks help expand the economy by attracting homebuyers, tourists, and highly talented workers. They protect the environment, provide space for the enjoyment of arts and nature, and make people healthier, happier, and more connected.

Unfortunately, despite these known benefits, research shows that one in three Americans—more than 100 million people—do not have a park within a ten-minute walk of their home.

That’s why ULI is partnering with the Trust for Public Land (TPL) and the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) on the 10-Minute Walk Campaign, a nationwide movement launched in October 2017 to ensure that there is a great park within a ten-minute walk of every person, in every neighborhood, in every city across America.

So far, the 10-Minute Walk has been endorsed by over 150 U.S. mayors—from across the political spectrum and from cities large and small—who have committed to working toward universal park access. ULI, TPL, and NRPA will be working with partners in select cities on measurable policies and strategies to advance the 10-Minute Walk vision.

Success in this work will require the expertise, creativity, and close collaboration of public and private sector leaders. ULI has a powerful role to play in catalyzing its members, networks, and partners around a vision of a green, sustainable, connected, and resilient future for all people.

Key upcoming ULI activities include:

  • Urban Open Space Awards: This fall, ULI will recognize outstanding parks and open spaces that have been instrumental in promoting healthy, sustainable, and equitable outcomes. Nominations for the ULI Urban Open Space Awards will be accepted through March 5, 2018.

Learn More About the Urban Open Space Awards

  • Advisory Services panels: ULI will convene panels of member experts to help communities think through solutions to park challenges. ULI is offering one-week Advisory Services panels focused on parks at a cost to sponsors of $25,000. (A typical panel costs $135,000). ULI is seeking potential partners and panel participants.

Learn More About the Parks Panels

  • District Council engagement: Local activities led by district councils will leverage the passion and engagement of ULI members to sustain local and regional investment in excellent parks, open spaces, and trails. Among other activities, ULI will offer $5,000 grants to support district council programming focused on parks and open space. (Only U.S. district councils are eligible.)
  • Research and publications: ULI will draw from the experience of its members and partners to explore cutting-edge park, infrastructure, and resilience issues, conduct research, and produce publications that identify challenges and opportunities. We will be looking at best practices in park finance and construction, public/private partnerships, community engagement, and park design.
  • Convenings: ULI will bring together members along with city leaders and leaders from TPL and NRPA to share their expertise and create momentum for the 10-Minute Walk vision.
  • Spreading the word: ULI and its partners want more cities to sign on to the 10-Minute Walk vision. Visit the 10-Minute Walk page to see if your community has signed on, and get in touch if you want to help enlist local leaders in the campaign. Contribute to the conversation by using the #10MinWalk hashtag when posting online. Follow ULI here on Facebook and here on Twitter for more 10 Minute Walk news.
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